Denver-By 1969, therapeutic horsemanship worldwide had for many years been assisting individuals with special needs reach their health and wellness goals. Read more

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Laura Gentile, founder of Guaranteed Horse Products, LLC, is committed to improving the world for horses and humans as the creator of the company’s line of all natural, nontoxic equine products. Read more

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Horses are herbivores and are genetically predisposed to free graze a variety of herbs, for age, and grasses. Since their domestication, horses are no longer able to roam free to select the herbs they instinctively seek for nutritional value. Read more

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"The horses loved the taste of the carriers and the soft center held the pill well," Cerny said.  "If you have ever tried to hide a Bute bolus inside of a cored out apple you will really appreciate the pill carriers." Read more

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Muzzle Fit

Harmany Equine

The alternative of locking a horse alone in a stall or paddock is much more stressful and allowing obesity and laminitis to occur is cruel and expensive,” Dr. Harman Read more

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Both omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids. They are called essential because the horse's body can't manufacture them. They are also called essential because the body needs them - both of them. Read more

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The best methods for dealing with ice and improving the footing in areas where water has accumulated and the frozen, or with worn snow packed footpaths are fairly natural. Read more

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The journey officially begins today for 673 accepted trainers on the road to the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover, presented by Thoroughbred Charities of America. Read more

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SmartPak is here to help you support your horse’s joints from the inside out with expert advice and exclusive deals on best-selling supplements — only at SmartPak, only through January! Read more

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Equine Affaire’s robust clinic program offers equestrians of all skill levels and disciplines the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to saddle up with the industry’s top professionals. Read more

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Gastrointestinal health and proper digestion are paramount to equine health, soundness, and performance. Read more

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Kristin Hungenberg

Keeping Your Horse Calm Naturally During Stall Rest Read more

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Horses Whisper

Rosalyn Berne

When the Horses Whisper, shares the extraordinary experiences that have shaped her journey as an equine empath. Read more


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Be prepared for treating heat stress in horses Read more

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Camelina Oil

The type of oil you choose can have a significant impact on your horse’s health Read more

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stacked hay


Feeding new hay to your horses, what to look for... Read more

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A Calm Head Keeps a Horse Calm and Safe Read more

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Absorbine® is pleased to recognize top grooms with the $500 Groom’s Award Presented by Absorbine®, The major sponsorship will kick off at the 2016 Tryon International Center Spring Show Series, and carry through the Summer and Fall Show Series to Read more


Absorbine® kicks off major sponsorship at the 2016 Tryon International Equestrian Center Show Series Read more

Researchers from Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany, revealed that dietary quercetin supplementation may be useful in controlling inflammatory disorders in horses. Read more

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