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Tic X released to help horses maintain a strong and effective immune response to infection more

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A veterinarian’s observation for allergies more

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Keeping horses healthy and free of disease and disorders is a hot topic of conversation in many popular press journals, magazines and on the internet. Horse husbandry advice ranges from nutrition to shoeing and veterinary care. more

Equine Wellness

How to relieve allergic reactions by Balancing the Immune System acupuncture to the horse more


What to put on your horse when it is cold-if anything, why and how to make sure they do not get cold. more


Many people understand the importance of liver detoxification, and are familiar with the more common liver cleansing herbs such as burdock, dandelion, licorice and milk thistle. more


Horses often express the awakening yang in outbursts of exuberance, playful bucking and romping, aggression and mood shifts; mares resume cycling. more


Health is the body’s ability to handle physical, chemical, and emotional stress without losing its physical, chemical, and emotional balance. So many forms of stress threaten this balance: more


To combat viruses, It is important to support the immune system while treating your animals with any sort of medication more


older horse muscle loss


Feeding the senior members of our equine family takes thought and preparation to maintain vitality and reduce health problems. more

Equine Wellness

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August 18, 2018

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