The use of herbs as alternatives to pharmaceuticals can help keep joints healthy. more


We all know how debilitating and painful inflammation is on our joints and bodies. Imagine how your horse feels. more

Equine Wellness


Equine Guelph

Proper prevention and early diagnosis are key in managing the progression of joint disease more

Equine Wellness


Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institue

Muscle soreness is a fact of life. Inflamed muscles may result from exercise, ill-fitting tack, improper shoeing, and bad riding techniques, individually or in combination. more

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Dr. Roses has created a natural remedy that promotes healing in wounds, skin products, burns, lacerations,and rashes. more

Foot Absecess


An abscess is the body’s response to an infection or invasion of a foreign object. Abscesses can be found just about anywhere on or inside a horse's body. Use adjunctive therapies to assist in healing. more

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Skilled massage therapy also improves muscle tone by releasing contractions, and strengthening weakness. It ensures that each soft tissue structure is free to move by correcting torsion and restoring proper position. more


Older horses are like puzzles; many aspects of their care require careful observation and sleuthing more

Equine Wellness

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