Equine Positional Release (EPR) exercises Read more


Cat Pose


The concepts we learn in yoga can benefit us greatly (physically, mentally and emotionally) in the saddle. Read more

Equine Wellness

Acupuncture on a horse

Karen Tappenden

Acupuncture is a safe and effective adjunctive therapy for acute or chronic laminitis patients. Read more


Are you puzzled by your horse’s behaviour and problems in training? Do things not add up for you? Have you bought new supplements, tried a new trainer, changed barns, bought a new saddle and changed bits, and nothing is working? Read more


Touch and Torch Method (TTM) of natural healing is a combination of photonic and massage therapy applied as a direct treatment for tendon and ligament injuries and deformities. Read more


Are you curious about infrared, laser , ceramic fabric, and magnetic therapies? Read more


The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides financial assistance for those in the horse community suffering from catastrophic illness or injury throughout their time of need. Read more


INFECTION is a clear indicator here. SWELLING means infection. Your vet used, with success, penicillin. Obviously there was/is recurring infection. Read more

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Holistic Horse Inc

we cover numerous products for the various situations you might encounter during the season. You probably won't need all of these remedies and supplements, but this might serve as a "just in case" reference guide to keep on hand as you go down the r Read more

Equine Wellness

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