DVM, MRCVS Joyce Harman


Joyce Harman

Whoever coined the term “easy keeper” did not own a beautiful grassy field full of overweight horses threatening to become laminitic. It is much more work to limit grass intake than it is to open the gate and turn a bunch of horses out. Read more

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Colic horse

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To maintain digestive health, keep equine care as natural as possible and incorporate natural remedies during seasonal shifts Read more

Equine Wellness

Horses that suffer with laminitis need special care when feeding Read more

Equine Wellness

Holistic Horse Veterinary Advisor Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS, points out the recommended grains in that article are processed feed. Read more

Equine Wellness

It is also useful for insect bites, or animal and snake bites that tend to be cold to the touch. Also good for reactions to certain vaccinations or anaphylactic reactions. Read more


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