“The Easy’s Slippers were easy to put on,” said Hamilton, whose skill as a farrier and compassion as a horseman had already earned him the gratitude of groups like Horse Shoe Equine Rescue before another client called him to help Babe. Read more

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Some veterinarians that work with many laminitic horses are well acquainted with this problem, but others are unfamiliar with it. It's a laminitis-like syndrome triggered by cold weather. Read more


Laminitis 2

Anatomy of the Equine

Attendees to the NO LAMINITIS Conference excited about the collaboration with colleagues. Read more

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Laminitis 1

Anatomy of the Equine

A look inside laminitis. Read more


Thanks to the sponsorship American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida will conduct research on the causes and repercussions of support-limb laminitis. Read more

SmartPak offers an innovative hoof health supplement to support your horse Read more


Patient with Navicular Syndrome

Joanna Robson, DVM

Infrared waves that detect heat and inflammation can aid the assessment of a variety of equine health screenings Read more

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Hops, the female flowers of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus), are best known for their role in the production of beer. The flowers add a bitter taste to the brew, and the natural antibacterial action of hops favors the activity of yeast. This antibact Read more

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WHAT IS LAMINITIS? Laminitis is inflammation of the coriums. In a healthy hoof the hoof wall is tightly attached to the bone inside. The bone and hoof wall both have structures call laminae attached to them and ... Read more

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The importance of healthy sole especially in case of laminitis. Hoof care expert Dave Duckett gives good advices. Read more


Use these tools to prevent complication in the horse with insulin resistance. Read more

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Turnout is exercise. Horses on 24-hour turnout walk an average of 3-5 miles a day. Exercise helps build muscle and increases circulation to the feet. Interaction with other horses increases play time – a positive mental aspect. Read more

Equine Wellness

  • Laminitis 1

    Anatomy of the Equine

    Laminitis 1

    Laminae of the horse hoof

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