Mary Ann Simonds

Show Jumper leaving ring

Mary Ann Simonds

There is no place in the world like Wellington, Florida when it comes to 12 weeks of jumping, showing and dressage in the sunshine at the Winter Equestrian Festival and Adequan Global Dressage. Read more

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Chris Ely

Ideas to keep your horse stimulated in the barn Read more

Equine Wellness

Noseband comfortable


The horse is an emotional creature with millions of nerve endings running down the face to the nose and mouth all relating to smell, taste, chewing, touch, and vocalize. Read more

In the Field 3 Comments

Bridles, with bits and without, have been used through history as various cultures sought to guide, control and communicate with the horse. Read more

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Horse in bridle


Horses were never designed to wear bridles, but they do seem to adapt to our human creations. Head discomfort often goes unnoticed until a behavioral or physical problem shows up. Luckily though, head stress due to bridles is easy to fix. Read more

Equine Wellness

How to Make Fly Spray

Mary Ann Simonds and Holistic Horse TV

When it comes to keeping insects off, nature actually designed the horse fairly well. Long manes with a forelock over the eyes and a tail that can swish and reach the shoulder, gives the horse good coverage. Read more


Essential Oil bottle

Heather Wallace, ESMT, CCMT

Mary Ann gives you the recipe to make your own, be sure to watch the video at the end. Read more

Equine Wellness

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    Mary Ann Simonds

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