Shari Frederick BS, NMD, LE

Tips on preventing toxins and chemical hazards from entering your barn. Read more


Healthy Horse Hints

Shari Frederick

While no horse owner wants to hear a diagnosis of Navicular, treatment options offering hope are available. Read more

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Q: My friend's 26-year-old gelding has turned into a stallion! Major stallion behavior. She is looking for herbs to calm him down or at least suppress the testosterone. Do you have any suggestions? Read more

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Healthy Horse Hints

Shari Frederick

Itchy bug bite sites can make you and your horse miserable. These varmints are scientifically known Ectoparasites and, are often the cause of allergies in horses. Healthy Horse Hints this issue is designed to help you identify the problem and try to Read more

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Omega 3

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A balanced ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids should be 3:1 read how to find that balance Read more

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