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Driving through Kentucky recently, I passed breathtaking farms – acres and acres of meticulously manicured pastures, lined with black Kentucky-style four board fences that seemed to travel for miles. What struck me, however, was their barrenness. more

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Smartpak gives tips for facing metabolic and other health concerns in the spring more

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The best time to graze the insulin resistant horse. more


A recipe for success with Holistic planned grazing and free-range farming. Graeme Hand, Holistic Management Certified Educator, Explains His Most Successful Methods for Sustainable and Regenerating Pastures more

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SmartPak offers an innovative hoof health supplement to support your horse more


I know you can't help with my hay problem directly, but I hope you can give me some of your wise advice. I'm not out of hay YET but I'm very worried about running low. more

Equine Wellness

Hedgerows can be sculpted and trimmed as they mature, or left to the whims of nature. One tremendous attribute of hedgerows is their hardiness. Where fencing of almost every variety needs maintenance and repair more

Equine Wellness

Why composting is a healthy alternative to just spreading your manure on your fields. more

In the Field

Have you tried to find something in the grass line to help your pasture, only to learn you need to take a number because it won't be available for about 200 years? more

Equine Wellness

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