Back on Track creates products that help people, horses, and dogs by combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine Read more

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Dr. Eleanor Kellon, staff veterinary specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition, is an established authority in the field of equine nutrition for over 30 years. Read more

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Dr. Eleanor Kellon, staff veterinary specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition, is an established authority in the field of equine nutrition for over 30 years Read more

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Muzzle with breathing space

Joyce Harman

Nov. 28, 2018 (Flint Hill, Va.)— Dr. Joyce Harman, integrative veterinarian and founder of Harmany Equine, was named Inventor of the Year at the 2018 American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association conference last month. She was recognized for devel Read more

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Retired seniors that are holding weight and getting around comfortably in the warmer months can experience greatly reduced strength and mobility in the cold, to the point they may have difficulty getting up. Read more

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SmartPak announces new supplement brand and expanded the offering of third-party brands Read more

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Despite the cooler weather, horse owners should still take precautions to guard against tick-borne illness Read more

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The World Health Organization definition of probiotic is a live organism which, when consumed in sufficient amount, confers a health benefit. Read more

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If you’re like a lot of horse owners, you run for the bush hog or herbicides at the first sign of anything sprouting in your pasture that isn’t grass. Read more

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Failing pastures can be defined as those that no longer can meet the nutritional needs of the horse. This can happen a lot sooner than you might think. Read more

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ack on Tracks’ new animal health division says it all! Limber Up® is a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs including Arnica, Witch Hazel, Rosehip, Rosemary, Aloe, Yucca and a hint of Peppermint Essential Oil. Read more

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Chastetree berry, or simply Chasteberry (CTB), has a long traditional history of use helping balance hormonal systems, both male and female. Read more

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As a company that is on a mission to change the world four hooves at a time, SmartPak is excited to celebrate the 6-year anniversary of their ColiCare program. Read more

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The Horse World’s Most Trusted Name Supports Mission to Increase Successful Adoptions Read more

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Uckele Health Products

Vitamin E and selenium are powerful protectors of muscle as well as immune function. Read more

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Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent hydrosol made from the bark, leaves, and stems of the witch hazel shrub or tree. Read more

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As the number one cause of death in horses, colic is dreaded by horse owners. Fortunately, lifestyle management and nutrition can go a long way in preventing colic Read more

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Banixx®, an innovator and leader in topical antimicrobial sprays and shampoos for pets, great and small, celebrates its 8th year of commitment to providing its product to Freedom Village USA in Lakemont, New York. Read more

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fly mask and sheet


Learn How To Prepare Yourself For This Season’s Pest Control Problems Read more

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Mud season can take a toll on coats and hooves. Support your horse's best skin and coat with these suggestions from Arenus Animal Health. Read more

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    Limber Up from Back On Track

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