N.M.D Shari Frederick B.S.

Shari Fredericks

SHARI FREDERICK B.S., N.M.D., L.E.1980 University of Texas, Summa cum Laude:Awarded membership to National Honor Societies-Pi Lambda Theta (nominated by faculty member),Kappa Delta Pi (for scholastic achievement).1980-1985 Sales/Marketing Director Keene Distributors1984 Director of  S. Division of Natural Nutritional Assoc.-received assorted sales awards; kudos list available.Ex.  1982 Tripled assigned quotas.   

     1983 #1 sales volume.Primary responsibility: sales, also trained new sales reps.Territory:  5 state region.1985-1987 S.E. Sales Manager, Wagunaga of America Co., Ltd-received assorted sales awards; kudos list available.Ex. 1985 20% sales increase.      

1986 Top sales nationally.Primary responsibilities:  hire & train regional reps, work with brokers,direct contact with reps, health food stores, & distributors; alsoconducted educational seminars + radio.Territory: Southeast U.S. and Puerto Rico.1987-1988 National Sales Manager, Lily of the Desert1988-1991 Vice President, Lily of the Desert1989-1991 Vice President, Lily National Health & Beauty-received assorted sales awards; kudos list available.Ex. 1987   31% average sales increase.    

   1988 118.6% accomplishment of volume objectives.      

1989   84% sales increase over 1988.Solely responsible for:  hire of brokers, direct contact with broker repsand distributors (nationally & internationally), ALL- sales, marketing,education, shows, corporate & field contact; avid speaker.Territory:  Worldwide.

1993-Present INTERNATIONAL NETWORK(International Division, Education &/or Training for U.S. lines)1992-1996 International Enzyme FoundationResponsibility: Sales & education, worked with various divisions, in housebrand & private labeled goods, conducted seminars, radio & TV interviews.Territory:  U.S., Puerto Rico, Asia, & the Philippines.1993-1995 International Account Executive, Makers of KalResponsibility:  International sales, worked with various divisionsincluding vitamins & herbs; conducted educational seminars.Primary territory:  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland,Brazil & Mexico.

1993-1999 Director of International Sales & Development, Valley Aloe VeraResponsibility: International Sales, product development, sales &marketing.1999-Present Warren LaboratoriesResponsibilities:  Aloe Vera Sales; radio & education as needed.Territory:  International; client specific (only).1995-Present Aquagen InternationalResponsibilities:  Oxygen sales, advisor, seminars.Territory:  International; client specific (only).1993-2001 International Sales Pharmagel International, Inc.1996-2000 Director of International Sales & Marketing,2000-9/2001 Vice PresidentResponsibilities:  (U.S. & International) Skincare sales, marketing,shows, rep hire, education & all training (corporate & field), avidseminar speaker; created a training manual, scripted-hired & directed atraining cassette & video.Territory:  International with a focus on Asia, Europe, South America,Russia, Middle East, Canada; as well as I was responsible for the #1 U.S.Distributor.9/2001-2002 Aesthetics MedicalPrimary responsibilities: sales, marketing, shows, training seminars.Territory:  As needed.2004-Present Nutritional Writer / Speaker.(Syndicated column:  HHHT Healthy Horse HintsT

)All works ©by Shari Frederick2004-Present Owner/President/Speaker/Writer (Non-Profit)HHHT Hope Health HappinessT(Educational Retreat: Mind-Body-Spirit)2006  Owner/President (Non-Profit)

HHHT Happy Horse HavenT(Equine/Animal Rescue; Educational Center)

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