Stacey Small

Equine Herbal Energetics

Stacey Small

A handy reference book to better understand herbs, their action, and their value in herbal blends. Enjoy this fantastic journey through the wonder so plants for you and your horses. Read more

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Fluoride can accumulates in the bones and soft tissue. It can reach toxic levels and become “Fluorosis,” also known as fluoride poisoning Read more

Equine Wellness

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to increase flexibility and durability to plastics and other products. Unless you read your labels, you might not be familiar with the term. Read more

Equine Wellness

The culprit, can cause much damage while being a valuable plant in your horse's diet. Read more

Equine Wellness

A Strong Antioxidant ,the active constituent in turmeric is known as curcumin. It has been shown to have a wide range of therapeutic actions. Read more


Chaste tree used to lessen menstrual disorders Read more


Wormwood (artemisia absinthium). Absinthium is Latin for "without sweetness." Its actions are bitter tonic, carminative, anthelmintic (worming) and anti-inflammatory Read more


Arnica the emergency herb for strains, sprains, bruising and arthritis. Read more


You cannot bite the bugs back so you have to deal with the results of them biting you and your pets. Read more


White Clover contains an endophyte fungus that produces an alkaloid called slaframine, which causes this slobbering. Read more


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