Three experts weigh in on the impact of fear on a horse's capacity to be trained Read more

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Trainer and clinician Farah DeJohnette explains the art of Liberty Dancing. Read more

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Horses are extremely sensitive, subtle, and gentle beings. Yet, most of the time, when we want them to do something, we ask in a big and harsh way. Improve your relationship, and have your horse happily do what you ask, with seemingly invisible tools Read more

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A horse’s ability to move in and out of transitions and gaits with rhythm, tempo, stride length, straightness, outline (frame) on his own, with no maintenance from the rider, is called self-carriage. Read more

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Horse Agility is a new equine sport that supports these concepts. It is an ideal sport for those who do not ride horses, but enjoy working with them Read more

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For most horses, using restrictive devices on their faces is insulting and really not necessary for effective communication. Searching for control, obedience, and connection? Read more

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Certified Horsemanship Association Provides University and College Class Lectures on Horsemanship Safety and Education Read more

As you exhale, let all of your energy flow down through your seat and legs and out your feet back to the ground. Read more

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Are you puzzled by your horse’s behaviour and problems in training? Do things not add up for you? Have you bought new supplements, tried a new trainer, changed barns, bought a new saddle and changed bits, and nothing is working? Read more


Several tools and programs are available to help get your horse back into riding condition. General tips include: Read more

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