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Homeopathy is under attack in many parts of the world, including the United States. Read more

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ASPCA Regional Support Center, a pilot program to provide fully-subsidized services to horse owners in need in the Oklahoma City area Read more

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Horse Haven Montana & EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival® Partner with Aiken Center for the Arts to Launch April Conference: The HeART of the Horse Read more

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A $1,5000 scholarship for Kentucky students with studies of the equine industry Read more

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New Law Threatens Careers and Violates the Constitution Read more

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  • our Farrier is amish an does dental care with horses an am trying to get him a copy of that chart b

    GeeGee Tharp | How to Reach Us

  • Can a equine hair analysis detect infertility issues in a mare? We have acquired a mare with an imp

    Constance | Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Could herbals help prevent a Strangles outbreak?

    Cynthia | Herbs and Antibiotics

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