Celebrating 25 Wonderful Years of Sore No-More Liniment with Share Your Legacy

This year, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Sore No-More Liniment. Gentle and clinically-proven, Sore No-More has become a trusted barn staple for equestrians everywhere. Our Share Your Legacy campaign honors 25 years of a growing legacy of excellence.

  • Looking for a GMO FREE grain to feed my horse that foundered last summer. He just gets about 1 cup

    Nanci Negaard | Feeding a Foundered Horse

  • Good Morning Ladies, I have a 24 year old donkey with Cushings and metabolic syndrome. I have been

    Deborah VanCott | How to Reach Us

  • hi can you ship magazines for just myself to the united kingdom?

    Mrs Clare Murphy | Subscribe to our Magazine

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