Horse Massage Therapy "Illegal" in NY

Government Justice Center Fights for Vocational Freedom

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Equine Massage

If their going to consider massage veterinary medicine then they should consider farrier work the same. That's way more evasive than massage and one wrong move can make a horse completely lame. They don't even learn massage in school how can they govern it or know if it's being done correctly? If you put a saddle, 150lb +person on a horse... there is no way possible someone can put that amount of pressure on a horse with their hands. If you're concerned about liability, there are insurance companies out there that insure animal massage therapists. Your school should provide you with the information and paperwork.

Kelly more than 1 year ago

Equine Massage

Looks as if the Veterinary Lobby is operating in full force in NY. Can you imagine a Vet performing an hour to an hour and a half of Equine Massage and charging only $120 to $130 ??? Most Vets charge nearly that just to show up on your farm. Before doing a thing.
What the state of NY and it's Veterinary Lobby is in effect doing, is relegating our Equine companions to a a life of pain, discomfort, or limited motion because of their arrogant position that no one knows anything about horses, except Vets. It is a money grab of the first order, and puts the horse in danger of having to suffer at the hands of greed.

Ronnie R Bouchard more than 2 years ago

NY Requires Vet License for Equine Massage

I'm glad to hear you're helping her. This is a ludicrous law that should be changed.
Is this a recent article? I don't see a date.

Robynne Catheron more than 2 years ago

Horse massage

I don't see where there is a problem with this if it helps the animal

Clifford C. Cook more than 2 years ago


This is BS

Beth more than 2 years ago

Equine massage

This is just unbelievable. Will the workers who worse the horses before to go to eight years of school to clean a horse? How far are we going with this this is ridiculous. She's touching the horse and gently massaging it. Do you have veterinarian testimony or evidence that this could cause harm to the horse? If so I'm sure we'd all like to know what kind of harm this could cause to the horse. You are not only harming her you are harming all the horses she helps. Is this all you people have to do? If so and I think we need many less of you.

Ellen Michaels more than 2 years ago