U.S. House Leaders Introduce Federal Legislation to Prohibit Slaughter of American Horses

Federal lawmakers have introduced legislation to prevent the establishment of horse slaughter operations within the U.S.,

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This bill should be passed to save our precious horses and to protect the American people!! Please do the right thing and pass this bill!!!!

mary Baker-Lauderdale more than 4 years ago


Owners will have to rehome their horses, keep them or choose humane euthanasia by a qualified veterinarian. Owners will have to assume responsibility for the horses they breed or acquire.

Debbie Olmsted more than 4 years ago


I support this bill! Horses from the us should not go to slaughter anywhere!!!!

Jeanne kergel more than 4 years ago


thousands of horses are going to starve...the aspca is going to be very busy confiscating horses and go broke trying to afford to feed them

Marie Friedmann more than 4 years ago


Who is going to pay for the care of all the unwanted horses that thousands of people breed every year? Where are they going to house them for 20 30 years?

Ray Miller more than 4 years ago