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Vitamin E and selenium are powerful protectors of muscle as well as immune function. more

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Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent hydrosol made from the bark, leaves, and stems of the witch hazel shrub or tree. more

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As the number one cause of death in horses, colic is dreaded by horse owners. Fortunately, lifestyle management and nutrition can go a long way in preventing colic more

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Jochen Schleese will be a featured educational presenter at this year’s Australian edition of Equitana 2018, held in Melbourne Nov, 15 – 18, 2018. more

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Banixx®, an innovator and leader in topical antimicrobial sprays and shampoos for pets, great and small, celebrates its 8th year of commitment to providing its product to Freedom Village USA in Lakemont, New York. more

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The use of medicinal herbs for horses

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